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Northwood IV & V

1000 McIntyre, Ann Arbor, MI 48109

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Northwood IV & V offer students a lively and warm community. And because there is an active and kid-friendly social scene led by Residential Staff, it’s an ideal place for students with families. The large Community Center has lounge areas and games, and hosts events all season long. Outside are playground areas, basketball and volleyball courts, and softball and soccer fields.

The unfurnished townhouses of Northwood IV & V feature a main floor living space, upstairs sleeping spaces, and a basement room for storage. Each unit comes with a washer and dryer. For an additional fee, residents can park on-site.

Northwood IV and V have an active and kid-friendly atmosphere.
A couple walking in front of an apartment building with autumn leaves on the ground. The woman is wearing a hijab.
Popular among students with families, Northwood is located on U-M's North Campus.
The rear of a two-story wooden apartment building with a field of grass and picnic tables
Each townhouse includes a washer and dryer, among other amenities.
The angled rooflines of several wooden apartment buildings in a row with autumn foliage behind them
Northwood features lots of green space, playgrounds, and softball and soccer fields.