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Museum of Natural History

1105 N University Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48109

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The U-M Museum of Natural History moved to its current location in 2019, its spectacular new facility in the Biological Sciences Building blurring the boundaries between public and research areas, and putting science on display. All-new exhibits and educational programs feature LSA’s world-class natural science collections, cutting-edge research by U-M faculty, and interdisciplinary topics of global and local concern. The building sits at the intersection of U-M's medical and central campuses.

Enjoy a live Star Talk! Check for complete schedule.

Mastodon skeletons in the atrium welcome visitors to the Museum of Natural History, which moved to its present location in 2019.
Exterior of the Museum of Natural History as seen from the pedestrian bridge over Washtenaw Ave.
Exterior of the Museum of Natural History