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Martha Cook

906 S. University Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48109

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Martha Cook, an all-women hall is home to 140 students. First-year through graduate students have found friends and home on campus at the Martha Cook Building for over 100 years. Rich in campus history and Collegiate Gothic architecture, the small community gathers often for events full of tradition. Residents enjoy Friday afternoon teas, dinners together on Sundays, Harry Potter Week, wellness events, and more. The serene Gold Room not only hosts teas and other events but provides a convenient and cozy environment to study and relax in. The Martha Cook meal plan provides meals in the graceful dining hall for Martha Cook residents only. The building’s location in the heart of central campus is within minutes of libraries, classrooms, student unions, restaurants and shops, and gives its residents easy access to the resources and life of the University of Michigan.

Martha Cook is an all-woman hall that is home to about 140 students.
The exterior of Martha Cook and its grounds on a sunny day
Rich in campus history, Martha Cook offers residents afternoon teas and a close-knit atmosphere.
The Collegiate Gothic brick exterior of Martha Cook
The Collegiate Gothic building is located near the Tudor Gothic Law Quad.
An ornate grand piano in one of the common areas at Martha Cook
An ornate grand piano in one of the common areas at Martha Cook