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University of Michigan
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Bursley Hall

1931 Duffield St., Ann Arbor, MI 48109

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Bursley is a mixed-gender residence hall for about 1,270 students, most of them first-year students. It’s on North Campus near Pierpont Commons, Michigan Engineering, the School of Music, Theatre & Dance, and other academic units. Central Campus is accessible via one of the frequent U-M buses.

Bursley features study spaces, student lounges, and a community convenience store.
Bursley's game room with a pool table and couches
A game room is just one of the amenities Bursley offers.
Bursley Hall exterior with spring landscaping
Bursley is on North Campus, near the art, music, and architecture schools, as well as Michigan Engineering.
Bursley Hall in the spring
One of U-M's larger residence halls, Bursley is home to about 1,270 students.